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Market Squid Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Cool Heather Blue

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$ 32.00 USD

Cool Heather Market Squid Short Sleeve Tee- a masterpiece of style and comfort. Crafted with care, this tee shows the incredible market squid.

The first time I encountered Market Squid, they had washed up on the beach by one of my favorite surf spots in La Jolla. My friends and I gathered a bunch and took them home where I learned how to clean and cook them. 

"Calamari" is one of my favorite seafood treats to this day. Every year, I look forward to the "squid boats" that frequent our shores here in the Monterey Bay during squid season. It means the seasons are getting ready to change and fried food is in my future.

These squid are magical creatures in my eyes.  Their changing colors and reverse locomotive movements are amazing to witness. If you ever have a chance to catch one or see them "fresh off the boat", I think you will see why I had to make a tee to honor them.

Product Specifications: 

  • 60 Cotton/ 40 Polyester 
  • Printed with water-based ink
  • Unisex
  • Modern Fit
  • Pre-shrunk
  • For size reference… 6'1" 195lbs wears an XL
  • Printed and designed in Santa Cruz, California
  • Shirt made in Nicaragua

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