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Art and design are not just parts of our brand; they are our brand's heartbeat. We let our work speak for itself—subtle, yet evocative. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the ocean and the exhilaration of the catch, each design is a quiet ode to the experiences many of us hold dear. Whether it strikes a chord with seasoned surfers or curious onlookers, our art invites all to explore and connect with the aquatic world.

By focusing on the essence of the sea, we strive to create apparel that not only looks good but also feels good, reflecting a lifestyle that embraces simplicity, authenticity, and a profound respect for the ocean.


Brown Trout Sweatshirt
Fish Collection: A Homage to Marine Life

Our Fish Collection embodies our commitment to high-quality artwork, focusing on the intricate beauty of marine creatures. Each item, from hats to shirts to stickers, is crafted as a masterpiece that honors the vibrant life beneath the waves. This collection reflects the passion of those who love to fish and those who marvel at the biodiversity of the ocean.

Water Collection
Water Collection: The Art of Aquatic Surfaces

The Water Collection seamlessly blends fine art with fashion, providing a glimpse into the artistic exploration of water surfaces. Crafted with careful brushstrokes and intricate detailing, this line seeks to capture the graceful fluidity of water. Each piece invites wearers to consider the serene and dynamic faces of water, whether it be a calm lake or a tumultuous sea.

Legends of the sea
Legends of the Sea Collection: Nautical Heritage

Dive deeper with our Legends of the Sea Collection, a tribute to the rugged souls who have lived by and with the ocean. This series draws inspiration from the salty sea dogs of lore, embodying their indomitable spirit and deep connection to the marine world. Through our apparel, we echo tales of maritime adventures and carry the essence of a life shaped by the sea's mysteries. This collection is for those who appreciate both the nautical charm and the resilience required to navigate the ocean's challenges.

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For those captivated by our collections and seeking even more artistic explorations, we invite you to visit There, you can discover a broader range of paintings, drawings, and woodcuts, each reflecting our ongoing journey into the art of the sea.

uroko clip At Uroko, each product is a chapter in our larger story of ocean appreciation. We craft our apparel to resonate not just with those who spend their days surfing or fishing, but with anyone drawn to the profound mystery and beauty of the ocean. Join us in wearing your passion for the sea and sharing the stories that flow from our quiet artistry.