Behind the Design: West Coast Spiny Lobster

Lobster is in season here in California, and with that in mind, we are featuring the artwork for our Spiny Lobster tee. Growing up in North County of San Diego, when winter hit, we knew two things would be on … solid Alaska storms sending swell our way and night time lobster diving.  The latter feeling a little scarier than the bigger days surfing Blacks in La Jolla. Along with these adventures, we were also graced with the lobster traps that would get washed into our line ups. I remember friends pulling up traps to see if they had any visitors inside. We all knew that the traps were owned by commercial fishermen, so most wave riders were respectful of these hardworking folks. (Note: Unless the traps are endangering people, leave them alone folks.)

This tee was actually drawn using an Ipad and the software Adobe Draw. Being a high school art and graphic design teacher, ASC has been opening up his doors to more technology that he can introduce to his students. With this in mind, and needing to practice so that he can teach his students


The recreational fishery for California spiny lobster (PDF) (Panulirus interruptus) is open from 6:00 a.m. on October 3, 2020 through March 17, 2021. The daily bag limit is seven lobster. The minimum size limit is three and one-fourth inches measured along the midline of the upper body from the rear edge of the eye socket (between the horns) to the rear edge of the carapace (body shell).

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