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With lobster season unfolding across California, our focus shifts to the Spiny Lobster tee. Growing up in North County, San Diego, winter beckoned not only Alaska storms and imposing waves but also the allure of nocturnal lobster diving adventures.

In the midst of surf and sea, lobster traps, owned by committed fishermen, speckled our favorite surf spots. Friends casually checked them for crustacean inhabitants, adhering to an unspoken surfer's code – a silent acknowledgment of the dedication of those deriving their livelihood from the sea. A friendly reminder: unless traps pose a threat, respect the dedication invested in their maintenance.

Spiny Lonster Art

The Spiny Lobster tee stands as a tribute to underwater escapades, a salute to those toiling at sea, seamlessly fusing timeless artistry with modern tech. The shirt is part of the UROKO Crustacean Collection. Join us in embracing the coastal lifestyle, where the ocean transcends mere recreation to become a canvas that breathes life into inspiration.

This tee was actually drawn using an iPad and the software Adobe Draw. Being a high school art and graphic design teacher, ASC has been opening up his doors to more technology that he can introduce to his students. With this in mind, and needing to practice so that he can teach his students.

The daily bag limit is seven California spiny lobster (Panulirus Interruptus) . The minimum size limit is three and one-fourth inches measured along the midline of the upper body from the rear edge of the eye socket (between the horns) to the rear edge of the carapace (body shell). Always check the regulations before you head out with CA Fish and Wildlife.

Spiny Lobster Shirt Crustacean Collection