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 At Uroko, we believe in making choices that not only respect the planet but also bring simple joy and durability to everyday clothing. Here's a closer look at how we approach apparel a little differently.

Water Based Inks

The Benefits of Water-Based Ink

One of the foundational elements of Uroko’s approach is our use of water-based inks. Moving away from traditional petroleum-based inks, which often contain harmful chemicals and pollutants, water-based inks offer a gentler alternative. They are kinder to our environment, reducing the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

Moreover, these inks integrate beautifully with fabric, creating vibrant and enduring designs that don't easily fade or crack. This means the shirt you buy today will continue to look great after multiple washes, supporting not just a sustainable production process but also a longer lifespan for each garment.


Our Approach to T-Shirts: Unisex and Pre-Shrunk

We craft our tees to be loved and worn by anyone. With a modern, unisex fit, Uroko shirts are designed to feel inclusive and versatile. Plus, we pre-shrink every shirt. This step ensures that the fit you feel comfortable in stays consistent, wash after wash. It’s a simple but crucial part of our process, aimed at reducing waste and increasing the longevity of each piece.

At Uroko, we take pride in creating garments that stand the test of time, reducing the need to buy more frequently. This approach not only conserves resources but also allows us to focus on the finer details that make each piece special. By opting for garments that use safer materials a quiet statement of this commitment.

Our clothes are made for everyone, and each design reflects our love for the planet and our hope for its future. We invite you to explore our collections and find something that you feel good wearing in more ways than one.

uroko clip At Uroko, each product is a chapter in our larger story of ocean appreciation. We craft our apparel to resonate not just with those who spend their days surfing or fishing, but with anyone drawn to the profound mystery and beauty of the ocean. Join us in wearing your passion for the sea and sharing the stories that flow from our quiet artistry.