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1233 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz California
Located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz, California, you will find a cool family-owned surf and skate shop owned by Bubb and Dana Rader called “Berdels”. Berdels will be celebrating their 6th year of business, but both Bubb and Dana are no rookies to the retail game. Bubb spent 10 years managing a local surf shop giant, while Dana was part owner of Stripe, a beautifully curated mens and womens boutique in downtown Santa Cruz for many years. Berdels was named after Bubb’s grandma, Berdel (who went by Birdie). They are currently building out a new shop on the West Side of Santa Cruz off of Swift Street and Delaware Avenue. (More on this shop soon.) 
In a very short period of time, Berdels has become a hub for the ocean fairing and land charging community in Santa Cruz. They support the local high school through fundraising events, and have an army of groms shredding the streets and charging the local waters. You can see Berdels stickers and tees being worn all over town. Look for the “pelican club” around town, and you’ll see what we mean. What makes Berdels special is that they carry local brands and support local artists through commissioning them to either design a tee design for them or help them come out with their own unique collection of tees. Uroko artist, ASC, even has a tee with them called “In Flight”. CLICK HERE to check it out. 
They do carry a few of the bigger corporate brands like Patagonia and Roark, but their main focus is seeking out smaller brands like uroko that are harder to find. You can find uroko’s complete line at Berdels. For friendly service, a great selection of goods for the whole family, give Berdels a visit next time you are cruising downtown Santa Cruz.  Supporting small local businesses is vital to your community. When you shop local, you are creating opportunities within your town. We are stoked to be a part of the Berdels line up! Check them out at
Berdels Owners: Bubb, Dana, and two boys.