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About Uroko

My Story

In 2009, my quest to encapsulate my passion for fishing and wave riding led me to conceive a unique identity for a line of T-shirts and creative odds and ends. For those entrenched in the world of waves and fishing, feeling like a sea creature is not uncommon. As a child, affectionately dubbed a "fish" by elders, my unwavering affinity for the water made it a challenge to keep me away from the waves. This profound connection resonated with many friends who shared similar sentiments, creating a bond that has endured over time.

While my current reality involves more desk time than oceanic bliss, my heart remains tethered to the immense Pacific. Seeking a word to encapsulate the essence of a small apparel line, I turned to diverse cultures that share a profound connection with the sea. Having spent a portion of my life in Japan, I developed a profound respect for the cultural reverence the Japanese people hold for the ocean. Despite my disagreement with certain commercial fishing practices, the shared love that the Japanese harbor for the sea left an indelible impression.

Uroko, the Japanese term translating to "fish scales," became the embodiment of this connection. For those who love the sea and its creatures, and occasionally find themselves feeling like denizens of the deep, I invite you to revel in the T-shirts crafted in celebration of this connection. Uroko is a heartfelt dedication to my grandfather, John Gregerson, the man who initiated me into the art of fishing and nurtured my love for the sea. His legacy lives on in the true fisherman he was and in the person he helped shape me into.

Discover Uroko at select retailers in the Bay Area, with plans to extend our reach across the country. We encourage you to support your local tackle, surf, or dive shop before turning to online purchases. If your favorite establishment is yet to stock Uroko, kindly introduce them to our brand. For inquiries about retail partnerships or general questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Since 2011, we've been delivering our goods online, and if ever the fit or quality falls short of your expectations, contact us—we're committed to making it right.