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One of my favorite past times involves sitting around with friends and family and talking story. Growing up in a community of wave riders and fisherman, I have heard my fair share of amazing stories. Being fortunate enough to grow up by the ocean and have the opportunity to travel, I have racked up my fair share of adventure stories to share in return. The funny thing about hearing and telling stories is that they never are told the same way twice.  Hand gestures and facial expressions change, new words are used to describe the feelings or emotions that are being recounted, and sometimes the details can even be exaggerated as time goes on (this never happens in stories about fishing or surfing, right?). 

Uroko will be using this blog as a platform to share your stories and our stories.  Sharing these tales is what gets us psyched to continue to chase after that perfect wave or catch that illusive fish. Hearing other peoples accounts of their adventures (or misadventures) can be the key to igniting your next surf or fishing mission. They can allow you step outside of your cubicle for a moment and take to you to a place where you would rather be. And if anything, we can learn from your tale, tall or small.

Uroko invites you to submit your stories. You can write your story out and send photos of that 150 lb Halibut that you caught off of your Kayak. You can send an audio file of you telling us how you bounced off the bottom at Gland 10 times only to survive another 3 sets in a row on your head. And, you are welcome to send in a video of you telling your story.  Every week we will post a story and any accompanying images/ videos on this blog. It will be shared on our urokolife Instagram account and you can share your story with friends and family through Facebook. We will give you a t-shirt or hat of your choice if we pick your story to use for that week. Please email your submission to or if you have questions, this email can be your point of contact too.

We look forward to hearing from you!